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August 12|Make a Wish
May 11|Free Falling Anxiety


February 22|Lent Lament


September 8|Gone Gone Again
May 11|Mutual
May 9|Hi-De-Ho, Neighbour
May 6|Paws and Reflect
May 2|My Dinner with Lyle
April 29|Dinner for Two
April 27|Tiff
April 22|Resourceful
April 20|The Big Money’s in Magic
April 18|The Butterfly Effect
April 15|Butterflies of the Night
April 13|We Already Saw Butter Flying
April 11|Butterfly
April 8|April Fails Day
April 6|Slow Wave
April 4|What are You Fred Astairing At?
April 1|Does Only Compute
March 30|Just Don’t Ask How it’s Hanging
March 28|Banter
March 25|Not a Morning Person
March 23|The Sober
March 21|Hangover Hangout
January 10|AKA Raynor
January 7|I Amn’t Legend
January 5|Party Party
January 3|The Move


October 27|Invite
October 15|Bindle, Binned
October 13|Doubt
October 11|Lyle’s Rebuttal
October 8|The Flip Side?
October 6|Tracker’s Rebuttal
October 4|Drama Queen
October 1|Tracker
September 29|Real Estate
September 8|Killing Time
September 3|Arrangement
August 30|Open for Business
August 25|Fox Hunt
August 23|Going Out
August 20|New Digs
August 18|Hot Dogs
August 4|Secret Ingredient
August 2|A Shady Character
July 30|6:02 Ante Meridiem
July 28|Hey You Behind the Bushes
July 26|What is it?
July 23|Out There
July 21|Something Out There
July 19|Dawn Surprise
July 16|Seagulls at Sunup
July 14|Hitch-hike
July 12|Tough Love
July 9|Surprise Guest
July 7|Dave
July 5|Slime to wake up
July 2|Slug


December 31|2010 Already?
December 9|Those Were The Days – Part 25
October 31|Halloween Vignettes
September 14|Contest
September 2|The Dream, Part 4
August 31|The Dream, Part 3
August 28|The Dream, Part 2
August 19|The Dream, Part 1
August 17|Roborival
August 14|Soul
August 12|Critical Response
August 10|pARTy
August 7|The Termuttnator
August 5|Armadillo Shrimp
August 3|Flight
July 31|Ain’t as young as He used to be
July 29|The Good Stuff
July 27|They’ll Bee Back
July 20|I’m Gonna Make Him Some Honey He Can’t Refuse
July 17|Headin’ Home
July 15|Uh huh, Yeup
July 13|Take One
July 10|Parting Gift
July 8|Evidence Lost
July 6|It came from beneath the Loch
July 3|Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby
July 1|Sounds of Nature
June 29|On Her Majesty’s Accidental Service
June 26|Keyrings Also Available
June 24|366 on Leap Years
June 22|Like a Water Ninja
June 19|Eliminating the Competition
June 17|Dive! Dive! Dive!
June 15|Does this Loch make her Butt look big?
June 12|Who’s Who?
June 10|Trust and Forgiveness at Lauren’s Cove
June 8|She has Flippers
June 5|The Following Morning
June 1|Uh-huh
May 29|Meet Free
May 15|Mistaken Identity
May 13|Diet
May 11|A.K.A.
May 8|Pulp Non-Fiction
May 6|Mythical
May 4|Say What?
April 6|Down by the Shore
March 25|Still There
March 23|March of June
February 23|On the Road
February 16|Back of the Throat
February 13|Free Hug Day 2009
February 11|Trip
February 9|Rude Awakening
February 2|The Other Longest Day
January 23|Furless
January 21|Hat
January 19|Hair


December 24|Defrost
December 22|Stealth
November 24|Dip
November 21|Scrounging
November 19|But it’s Home
November 17|Excuse
November 14|Lamp Light
November 12|Cheesy
November 10|The Dark Night
November 7|Revelation
November 5|Central Greeting (the Scottish Definition)
November 3|Dog Breath
October 31|Fear in the Dark
October 29|Sense
October 27|Ephemeral
October 24|Wind Up
October 22|Victims of the Anemoi
October 20|They’re Not Even Sleeves Really…
October 17|Back Indoors
October 15|Not So Guilty
October 8|“Deep” End
October 6|In the Gutter
September 17|Fractions
September 15|Fast Food
September 12|Fate is Sealed
September 10|Rationing
September 8|The Perpetual List
September 5|Passenger One
September 3|Boat-a Cola
September 1|One Possible Outcome
August 29|Before Opening One’s Mouth
August 27|Breakfast
August 25|Flood Gate
August 22|Soggy
August 20|Not THAT Bad…
August 18|Weather Report
August 15|More than a Drizzle
August 13|Good to Not See Ya
August 11|Passing Time
August 8|That Tasty New Confectionery
August 6|Eye Contact
August 4|Light and Sound
August 1|His Master’s Voice
July 30|Like a Solar Powered Torch
July 28|Possibilities
July 25|It’s Another Work Joke!
July 23|Job
July 7|Orange County
July 4|Everything in Its Place
July 2|Are There Even Pockets?
June 30|Purpose
June 27|Yuppiedom
June 25|Cow Wit
June 23|Out and About
June 20|Bugging
June 18|Species
June 16|Up Close and Personal
June 13|Luck
June 11|Touchy
June 9|Ominous
June 6|Almost
June 4|Wise Cracker
June 2|Further Insight into the Future
May 26|Washing
May 23|Some Other Time
May 21|Back
May 19|Hypopathetical
May 16|Or Maybe Not
May 14|Sidetracked
May 12|That Look upon Your Face
May 5|It’s Made Mostly from Fir Branches
April 16|What a Glorious Feeling
April 14|Huh?
April 11|The Obvious
April 9|The Weather Dog
April 7|The Search Party
April 4|If These Walls Could Talk
April 2|Made the Front Page
March 31|Stimulant
March 22|Don’t Listen to your Heart
March 19|Novelty Flying Disc
March 17|That Great American Pastime
March 7|And that’s That Matter Cleared Up
March 5|Key Word
March 3|Long Time No See
February 29|And then They Met
February 27|Bitter
February 25|Distress
February 22|Bird Dogged
February 20|50% Flashbacks
February 18|Bother
February 15|Bright and Early
February 13|Under the Stars
February 11|Sundown
February 8|Pretty Much
February 6|The Crow
February 4|Beyond the Window
February 1|Kübler-Ross
January 30|You’d need a Spatula to Seperate Them
January 28|Living
January 25|Escape Plan
January 23|Whose Watch is That?
January 21|Illustrated
January 18|The Creative Flow
January 16|That Terrible Affliction
January 14|Chapter One
January 11|Sidekick
January 9|Work in Progress
January 7|Meche the Writer
January 4|My Miss-take
January 2|Cables, and Sockets, and Plugs! Oh My!


December 31|Grey Matter
December 28|He’s Woken up in Worse Places
December 26|Give a Dog a Wishbone
December 24|The Most Wonderful Time
December 21|Let the Good Times Roll
December 19|Necessities
December 17|Keeping Warm
December 14|Remedy
December 12|Cold Economy
December 10|A Colden Opportunity
December 7|Gross Point Blank
December 5|A Startling Vision of the Future
December 3|Outro
November 30|Under the Influence
November 28|Tripping the Light Fantastic
November 26|I’ll take the Mystery Box
November 23|Reading between the Lines
November 21|Route Root Canal
November 19|Counsel
November 16|Freelancing
November 14|Some Old Friends
November 12|Meche’s Phobia: Redux
November 9|Woe
November 7|An Amateur Examination
November 5|Sweets
November 2|Return of The Great Eldini
October 31|Likeness
October 29|Such A Long Wait
October 26|Grim Shaky
October 24|Foggy
October 22|Envy
October 19|Re-flex-tion
October 17|Those Were The Days – Part 24
October 15|Making the News
October 12|Surf’s Down
October 10|Surf’s Up
October 8|Collapse
October 5|Okay
October 3|Partial
October 1|Meche’s Physics Lesson
September 28|Terminology
September 26|Nature
September 24|Dubious
September 21|Ally
September 7|Creatively
September 5|Common Feature
September 3|Making Enemies
August 31|The Dirty Dozen and Two
August 29|Let’s Get!
August 25|New Arrival
August 20|The Reason for the Tribe
August 16|Initiation
August 7|Fire
August 6|Meche’s Ego
August 4|Clubs’ Tale
July 29|Same Wants, Same Needs
July 25|Departure
July 20|Mud, or Something
July 17|Worse
July 7|Circles
July 3|Stuck on the Island
June 19|Hitting Ground
June 18|Arrival
June 11|First Mate
June 7|Missing
May 24|-Umbo
May 21|Devious
May 16|State
May 11|The Prestige
May 6|Mus Musculus Theatre
April 30|Squeegee – An End
April 26|Undeniable
April 22|Those Were The Days – Part 23
April 20|Squeegee – A Theme
April 17|Wipe Out
April 16|Lo and Behold
April 12|Exsqueegibur
April 10|Squeegee – A Beginning
April 8|Food for Thought
April 7|Counterparts
April 5|Surreal
April 2|Blue Screen
April 1|April
March 28|Trap
March 26|The Nature of Hate
March 22|Gone Gone, Gone
March 21|Pour Vous
March 20|Going
March 19|Packing
March 18|Situation Awareness
March 17|The Return
March 16|In the Dog House
March 15|What the Doodle?
March 14|Hair of the Dog that might Bite Me
March 13|Party Trick
March 12|Bitchin’ Kitchen
March 11|Sprung
March 10|The Thing You Hate
March 9|Confined
March 8|Guard Dog
March 1|Elwood Panics
February 28|Blame
February 27|The Rural-Dwelling Ring-Tailed Gnome
February 17|You Better Be Fun
February 16|First Game
February 15|Flushed
February 14|Chipping Away
February 12|Chip, as Idiom
February 7|Seen and Raised
February 6|Hey, Lyle
February 5|Living on the Road


December 30|Sneaking About
December 17|Someone’s at the Window
December 14|Chip Up
December 13|Buy-in
December 12|Gone Gone
December 11|Tour Guide
December 10|Those Were The Days – Part 22
December 9|Broken Bulb
December 8|Oh Heck!
December 7|Menacing in a Cute way
December 6|Choice
December 5|I Think, Therefore You Are
December 4|Questagious
December 3|Those Were The Days – Part 21
December 2|Synonyms
December 1|Because he’s Gorgeous
November 30|Lyle’s Shades
November 29|Meche Learns Something
November 28|Slang
November 27|Pure
November 26|Home Delivery
November 25|Down the Drain
November 24|Lyle’s Subterranean Escape
November 23|Shopping
November 22|Deal
November 19|Proposal
November 12|Elmwood
November 11|Questions
November 10|Can I Help You?
November 9|The Vagabond
November 8|Delirium
November 7|Withdrawl
November 6|Budget
November 5|Those Were The Days – Part 20
November 4|Fireworks?
November 3|Lucky
November 2|Full
November 1|Hot Dog
October 31|Misunderstood
October 30|Autumn Glow
October 29|Bathroom Clock
October 28|Changing of the Seasons (Epilogue)
October 27|Pow!
October 26|Meche’s Secret
October 25|Fortnight
October 24|Truce
October 19|And The Swans
September 13|The Seagulls
August 22|Splat!
August 14|Pluvius Aestivus
July 17|Battle Ready
July 3|To the Park!
June 20|Surprise Attack
June 13|Fate
June 8|Sonny Joins the Cause
June 4|Recruiting Ray
June 2|Meche Makes a Snap Decision
April 20|Captain Elwood
March 16|Competition
March 15|Elvis
March 14|Think Fast
March 13|Guy Thing
March 12|Those Were The Days – Part 19
March 11|The Bushes Have Eyes
March 10|Jealous
March 9|Cool, Apparently
March 8|Hired Help
March 7|Assigned
February 6|Elmore
February 5|Lost and Found
January 21|For Daddy
January 20|Help
January 19|Naomi
January 18|General Elroy


September 30|Guess Who
August 26|Ruffy
August 25|Fight for Your Right
August 24|Toll
August 23|A Few Inches
August 16|Road Safety
August 15|Unaware
June 13|Meow!
June 12|Reinforcements
June 11|Everybody Loves a Parody
June 10|How Not to Be Seen
June 9|Lewis
June 8|Cheap Humour
June 7|Clobbered
June 6|Do Not Feed the Animals
June 5|Those Were The Days – Part 18
June 4|Blood Sucking Things
June 3|The Early Bird Hits the High Note
June 2|The Boy Ain’t Right
June 1|Rebuttal
May 31|Looks like Fun
May 30|Cry Me a River
May 29|Makeshift
May 28|Flavoured Water
May 27|Mr. Melodramatic
May 26|Dive
May 25|Short Lived Glory
May 24|Heads Up
May 23|Anguish
May 22|Those Were The Days – Part 17
May 21|Orange You Glad
May 20|Unheeded Warning
May 19|The Catch
May 18|Blessed Are the Geek
May 17|Wench
May 16|The New Movie
May 15|Those Were The Days – Part 16
May 14|Catch
May 13|T.G.I.F.
May 12|The Great Composer
May 11|Alienation
May 10|Delicate Subject
May 9|Subtle Hint
May 8|Those Were The Days – Part 15
May 7|Parents Aren’t Cool
May 6|Until 6am
May 5|The More You Know
May 4|Your Heart’s Desire
May 3|He’s Back
May 2|Back Talk
May 1|Those Were The Days – Part 14
April 30|Toys
April 29|Dinner Conversation
April 28|Slightly Itchy
April 27|More Doggy Paddling
April 26|Doggy Paddle
April 25|Full Metal Collar
April 24|Those Were The Days – Part 13
April 23|Fascinating
April 22|War Stories
April 21|Pandora’s Box
April 20|Pardon my French
April 19|Feline Theory
April 18|Enter Elroy
April 17|Those Were The Days – Part 12
April 16|The Family Tree
April 15|There’s a Difference
April 14|Reflection
April 13|Smellwood
April 12|Runt
April 11|Bad News
April 10|Those Were The Days – Part 11
April 9|What What?
April 8|Deceit
April 7|Modern Art
April 6|Sunshine
April 5|Persecution
April 4|Unbelievable
April 3|Those Were The Days – Part 10
April 2|Shocking News – Part 2
April 1|Shocking News – Part 1
March 31|The Mechrix
March 30|Elle
March 29|In the Early Morn
March 28|Some Things in Life Money Can’t Buy
March 27|Those Were The Days – Part 9


December 4|This is Awesome
December 3|Medical Science
December 2|An Unusual Attraction
December 1|He Worked His Magic
November 30|It’s Not So Bad
November 29|It Won’t Hurt a Bit
November 28|Those Were The Days – Part 8
November 27|Unfinished Business
November 26|Coming Home
November 25|The Kindness of Strangers
November 24|This is Bad
November 23|Cunning Plan
November 22|Not to be Taken Literally
November 21|Those Were The Days – Part 7
November 20|Ulterior Motive
November 19|Some Exotic Name
November 18|The Map
November 17|Eat on the Go
November 16|Penguin Style
November 15|Conscience
November 14|Those Were The Days – Part 6
November 13|In the Bin
November 12|Grumpy
November 11|Elwood’s Rant
November 10|Boring
November 9|The Blame Game
September 4|We’re Not Lost
September 3|A Stupid Idea
September 2|Leg It!
September 1|Meche’s Phobia
August 31|Comeuppance
August 30|Still a Suck Up
August 29|Those Were The Days – Part 5
August 28|His Claws are Sharp
August 27|Elwood vs. Fur Ball
August 26|Why
August 25|Detective Show – Part 3
August 24|Detective Show – Part 2
August 23|Detective Show – Part 1
August 22|Those Were The Days – Part 4
August 21|Saturday Night Peever
August 20|Nostalgic Paranoia
August 19|Look, a Diversion!
August 18|Memories
August 17|Unexpected Discovery
August 16|Still the Dog of a Thousand Hats
August 15|Those Were The Days – Part 3
August 14|There is No “We”
August 13|Treasure
August 12|Secret Levels
August 11|All Nighter
August 10|Hooked
August 9|Sweet Dreams
August 8|Those Were The Days – Part 2
August 7|Cloud Talk
August 6|Paranoid
August 5|It’s Not Raining Again
August 4|A Remote Too Far
August 3|Those Were The Days – Part 1
August 2|Makes You Feel All Warm Inside
August 1|This Means War
July 31|Alliance
July 30|Mind Trick
July 29|El Capone
July 28|Pet for a Pet
July 27|Lazy
July 26|Selfish
July 25|Suck Up
July 24|Courtesy
July 23|Freedom
July 22|Faster, Pussycat
July 21|Unauthentic
July 20|Don’t Ask
July 19|Touché
July 18|The Dog of a Thousand Hats
July 17|Insomnia
July 16|Play Dumb