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Reccuring Characters
Picking up traits from his owner, Elwood has become quite lazy. When it comes to his own quirks and interests though, he is full of beans, and is always looking for a good time. He spends his life worrying on the little things, and ignoring the important things.

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Elwood and Meche have lived under the same roof since they were puppies and have developed a brother-sister like relationship. More level-headed than Elwood, she often ends up being the voice of reason – although she does have an adventurous side, and will stand by Elwood through anything.
Her name is Spanish, short for Mercedes, to answer that FAQ.

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“The Chief”
Elwood and Meche’s owner, usually referred to as the master or the chief.

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Ambitious and hungry, Ray is a street-wise Fox who knows just where the best scraps are to be found. He befriended Elwood one night while going though his bins. He’s brothers with Sonny.

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Sonny is far cockier than his brother Ray, and sees himself as the “boss” of their business – trading whatever they can find in bins for food tastier than scraps. He also fancies Meche.

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This fellow appears as a third part of Elwood’s decision making process (along the shoulder demon and shoulder angel). He appears to act as a ‘middleman’ between Elwood and his conscience.

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A friend of Elwood & Meche, who lives in the pond at Arrochar Park opposite Elwood’s house. Prone to stress and aggravation, she’s sarcastic and grumpy. Not helped by the fact that she is raising a family of eight ducklings.

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An eager young duck living in the same pond as Elle. He makes up for in spirit what he lacks in intelligence.

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Other Characters