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Lyle’s Gone Gone Again

September 8th, 2011

And here’s the final strip in the story. I had to take a break from the comic to finish my Masters course, which was pretty intense. Aside from pre-production I only had one semester to get it finished, so there was no time or energy for the comic, so fans and followers, I apologise, and I hope you can enjoy my film, which features Elwood in a slightly new context.

5 Responses to “Lyle’s Gone Gone Again”

  1. Tosuxo Says:

    great short, especially liked the expressions at the end lol

  2. best retirement communities Says:

    Hey man. Are you looking for a Assisted Living Facilities?

  3. Tosuxo Says:

    yeh… being 24 is really rough on me…

  4. SliceOfDog Says:

    I’m not on Vimeo, so I’ll comment on the Conflicting Ideas video here. I loved it! It really is impressive, and quite charming. How long did it take you? Was it your semester’s worth of work?

  5. M Says:

    Two semesters of work, the first being pre-production and filming, the second being pure animation and compositing. Didn’t sleep much towards the end.