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July 9th, 2010

Surprise Guest

Here’s Friday’s strip! Finally got rid of (most?) of the Malware messing up my computer. Monday’s strip coming later today.

I’m about ready to give my computer a format (haven’t done one since I got it a good ~5 years ago) to ensure everything nasty is gone and all the damage that’s been done by it and removing it is repaired, but in the mean time does anyone know how to fix my current problem? At various points, mostly for unknown reasons, my computer makes the default beep noise (Windows XP Ding). Normally three in succession, each accompanied by the ‘working in background’ mouse cursor. I also get loads when I plug in/take out a USB device. It’s as if some program or file is trying to run but can’t, and I’d like a better solution than just disabling the sound effect in Windows’ audio properties.

Any thoughts?



One Response to “Surprise Guest”

  1. Tosuxo Says:

    boot XP into Safe Mode and do a scan from there, sometimes the virus is masked when windows is running like normal

    also great comic 🙂