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May 26th, 2008


We had some great weather today – a cloud free sky and just a slight breeze. Hot. Ideal weather for drying clothes. I was surprised at how fast my washing dried, and I was overly pleased that I got so much washing done. Then I had a serious moment of “whoa!”. I tell you, it really does make you feel old. When I was younger I never understood how my dad felt that drying clothes was something worth celebrating.

4 Responses to “Washing”

  1. Faye Says:

    I understand completely! The same thing happened to me yesterday, too.
    What was even worse was that I did the dishes and left them in the draining board, which just happened to be in direct sunlight. Not only did I have dry dishes minutes later, but by the time I had my dinner, I had HOT plates to put my food on. Awesome.

  2. Tosuxo Says:

    just me or shouldn’t Master be taller than the washing line? lol so we should see his face 😉

    but yeh, i know what you mean, you know when you’re old when you appreciate the little things like that, we had really bad rain yesterday, been sunny this morning, but black clouds are approaching…

    …oh i love the Welsh weather… lol

  3. sic Says:

    Yeah, its a great weather around here too. My car is standing on the emergency access road of our flat, and its battery does not have enough power to start it. A great day as written in the book…

  4. Faye Says:

    The thing is…

    I’m NOT OLD!

    I’m 19! I shouldn’t even be DOING the washing! 😛