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Make a Wish

August 12th, 2013


November 10th, 2015

I’ve never officially announced the end of Elwood, because I don’t want to put a full stop on something I might find new life in (reboots are in right now!) but obviously it’s been a while since I draw any new strips. And it’s  likely that when I do sit down to draw some new comics it’s likely going to be a new title. So this is just a post to say that while there probably won’t be any more updates to this site I am going to keep it online for now, however I am disabling comments to protect it from all the spam which I’m still moderating.

You can keep up to date with what I’m doing by following me on Twitter and following my blog.

Thank you for reading x


March 30th, 2012

It seems Elwood has gotten his hands on an old smartphone and has discovered the wonders of web 2.0, whatever that is. He’s now on Twitter, so you can follow his updates there: twitter.com/3LW00D

The Comic

February 22nd, 2012

I’ve made no official announcement before regarding this comic, but I think its days of being a thrice-weekly thing are over. I’ve got other projects on the drawing board (so to speak) and I feel I’ve done all I can with Elwood as a series. This was my first comic and I’ve learned a lot from doing it, but there are plenty of things that I see with my more experienced eyes as just not working as well as they could, and I’ve reached a point where I really want to start from the ground up with something new. I still love the characters in Elwood and appreciate having them as an outlet, so don’t be surprised to see the odd strip like this turns up here or onmy blog from time to time. And if I ever come up with a good direction to take it, who knows? It might return. But for now, my biggest thank you to everyone who’s read and supported the comic over the years, and I hope you’ll follow my blog/website to see what I come up with next.

Mark out.

Lyle’s Gone Gone Again

September 8th, 2011

And here’s the final strip in the story. I had to take a break from the comic to finish my Masters course, which was pretty intense. Aside from pre-production I only had one semester to get it finished, so there was no time or energy for the comic, so fans and followers, I apologise, and I hope you can enjoy my film, which features Elwood in a slightly new context.

Characters’ Relationships

May 7th, 2011

Tracker has had a fair amount of “screen time” now, and I’ve got more stories planned for her, but what’s interesting is that for a character playing such a big part in the comic right now, she has never actually spoken to Elwood, the title character. In fact, there have only been six strips in which they’ve both been present. I quite like this, as usually any character who appears in the strip is either there because Elwood has met them, or because they’re part of some unrelated, one-off joke. It’s going to be fun to see what their relationship is like having potentially never spoken to each other before (I do have plans for them meeting properly soon).

On a similar note, you may have noticed that Elwood and Sonny have only ever spoken to each other twice. At some point I decided that they would never really speak to each other. At which point, I wish I hadn’t drawn them talking together – but I guess this was before they really knew each other and one or both of them was making an effort. I don’t know if it’s anything that should be brought up in the strip, but I think there’s an unspoken dislike between them.

Oops, I just spoke about.

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